This set of courses is specially designed with brand-new approaches for foreign students beginning to learn Chinese. Independent from one another yet integrated into a whole, there are three courses in this set: Intensive Spoken Chinese, The Most Common Chinese Radicals, and Rapid Literacy in Chinese.

Beginning with pinyin only, instead of dealing with both pronunciation and character recognition, students will find the Spoken Chinese course easy to master, and will be able to communicate in Chinese in no time.

The concentrated training in character learning will enable the student to enter into the reading stage in an unprecedentedly short time and taste the satisfaction and enjoyment of fluent comprehension.

In the Radicals book, the students will be attracted by the rich content of culture and art embodied in Chinese characters, which, instead of being the "stumbling blocks" they have often been considered, become "magnets" drawing then step by step to the innermost charm of the Chinese language.

Автор Zhang Pengpeng
Год издания 2007
Издательство Sinolingua
Формат книга с аудио или MP3 диском
ISBN 9787802003002
Обложка мягкая
Количество страниц 166
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