Guide to the New HSK Test (Level 2)

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Guide to the New HSK Test provides level-specific training for each of the six levels graded in HSK. This is the level 2 volume. The amount of exercises in this book is ten times that of the HSK test paper, including 10 complete sets of test questions distributed in three parts—simulated training, skill training and timed training. Skill training is a newly added section, which summarizes the general rules and test-taking skills based on the contents and characteristics of questions in many HSK real and simulated tests and explains these rules and skills with specific examples. It gives the candidates a relatively clear idea of the basic question types and characteristics of the test to help them quickly find a proper way to answer the questions.


Автор Ni Mingliang
Год издания 2019
Размер, мм 258х184
Издательство BLCUP
Формат Книга, аудио (скачивается по ссылке, предоставленной издательством)
ISBN 9787561954102
Обложка мягкая
Количество страниц 176
Название на китайском языке 新中国汉语水平考试应试指南(2级)
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