г. Чита, ул. Костюшко-Григоровича, д. 44, ТЦ Фестиваль, 3 этаж, бутик 30А, работаем по предварительной записи г. Москва, Огородный проезд, д. 20 (не является торговой точкой, заказ можно забрать предварительно согласованный заказ)
Intermediate Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition) vol.1
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Liu Delian, Liu Xiaoyu
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Peking University Press
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This spoken Chinese series can be considered a classic. It has been well received by the Chinese learners as well as teachers. Two revised editions and dozens of reprints have been produced since its first publication in 1996.

This series has nine volumes in 3 levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Each lesson consists of texts, notes, languages points and exercises, etc. Three to five lessons are grouped into a unit, at the last part of which useful oral expressions, tips or cultural notes are presented.

◇Carefully selected learning materials applicable in daily communication;
◇Explicit and easy-to-understand explanations on the language points;
◇Structure-based, communication-centered and application-oriented exercises are presented diversely.

Each level of the series is designed for students in a conventional Chinese language program or an undergraduate Chinese program to use for a school year. For students in short-term programs, teachers may use the materials flexibly based on their level and class period.

Major revisions in this edition:
◇Outdated contents on the texts, examples and exercises are revised or replaced;
◇Explanations on the language points are further improved;
◇Some exercises are deleted or added for being more pertinent and practical.

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